The History of the Claronelle Smith-Griffin House

In recognition of Black History Month, Melanie Barr, historic preservationsist, former chair of the Alachua County Historic Commission, officer of the Pleasant Street Historic Society, and who has done extensive work in and around  historic Gainesville for the preservation of many historic buildings, will speak about the Claronelle Smith-Griffin House located at 321 NW 8th Avenue, which is part of the Pleasant Street Community. The house was built in 1872 by Smith Griffin's great-grandfather, Richard McRae, who was significant in the Pleasant Street community as he helped establish the Union Academy, a school organized by the Freedman's Bureau to educate freed children. Claronelle Smith-Griffin was the last generation to live in the house until her death in 2003, and she willed the house to the Pleasant Street Historic Society. The house is being renovated to become the Black History Exhibit Museum.

Posted by FionaL on January 24, 2017