Constitutional Revision Proposition 69


Email the commissioners at the bottom with your support of special taxing districts!

Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) – Proposal 69.  The CRC is a 37-person commission primarily appointed by the Governor, Senate President and Speaker of the House that is convened once every twenty (20) years to consider and propose propositions for amendments to the Florida Constitution.  The CRC is meeting now.  A proposition approved by the CRC will go directly to the ballot at the next general election in Florida in November, 2018 for a referendum vote.  If a proposition is approved by 60% or more of the electors voting in the election, the proposition amends the Florida Constitution. 

CRC member Chris Sprowls, who is also a member of the House of Representatives and in line to become Speaker of the House in 2021, has filed Proposition 69 which will have a significant negative financial impact on special districts that rely on ad valorem taxes as their primary source of revenue.  The proposition would require all special districts with ad valorem taxing authority to submit the measure for referendum approval to electors of the district every ten (10) years.  If a referendum does not approve continuing the authority to collect the tax, the district is basically out of business at that point and a county or city will have to shoulder the expenses associated with the service the district provided.  Also, it will be next to impossible for a district to issue long term bonds for large capital projects since its revenue source will be at risk every ten (10) years.  FASD strongly opposes this proposition.

Friday afternoon the CRC’s Finance and Taxation Committee published its agenda for its meeting this Thursday, January 25, 2018, at 8:00 am.  CRC Proposal 69 is on the agenda.  Click here to view the letter template that we would request as many people as possible (residents, commissioners, staff, etc.) send to the members of the committee.  I would recommend that you personalize the message as much as possible.  Please send the letter in an email to each of the F & T Commissioners listed below:

Finance & Taxation Commissioners

Fred Karlinsky (Chair)            
Phone: (954) 951-3548


Tom Grady (Vice Chair)         
Phone: (850) 270-1630


Dr. Jose “Pepe” Armas                


Rep. Jeanette Nunez              
Phone: (305) 227-7630



Sen. Darryl Rouson                
Phone: (727) 822-6828


Chris Smith                             


Nicole Washington                         
Phone: (786) 309-6022

Posted by SallyB on January 25, 2018