Contemporary Clay: Directions in Japanese Ceramic Art

Curators Jason Steuber and Allysa B. Peyton of the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art will lead a virtual tour of the ClayCurvyCool exhibit currently on display at the museum.  

Thursday, May 24 at 6:30 PM at the Tower Road Branch

From the museum: "Several postwar movements (Sōdeisha, Shikōkai, and Joryū Tōgei) formed the foundation for the pluralism of clay production that today’s artists exhibit through the ongoing redefinition of functionality, purpose, and articulation of form. In a move away from the traditional craft, avant-garde and contemporary artists use clay as a means of sculptural expression.

The works on display demonstrate a wide variety of transformations, innovations, and reinterpretations of traditional wares. While some artists defy notions of inside versus outside, others conceptualize new definitions of form through materials, processes, surface treatments, and firing methods. The artists include both outsiders of the field and those from established artistic lineages."


images (left to right):
Tomomi Tanaka, Black Flame Japan, 2015 Stoneware
Matsui Koyo, Neriage Otsubo c. 1998 Stoneware with marbleized colored clays
Asuka Tsuboi, Refined Silk, Kyoto Wave ("Neriginu: Kyo No Nami"), Japan, 2015, Stoneware


Teaser image by Sakiyama Takayuki