Money Smart Week @ Your Library April 23-30

Even if you are money smart (and maybe especially if you are money smart), you know that it never hurts to learn a little bit more.  The Alachua County Library District is partnering with the American Library Association and The Federal Reserve, as well as with local banks and community organizations to present a series of events designed to enhance your fiscal fitness.  These programs and activities will address such topics as financial recovery, home ownership, and avoiding scams, fraud, and identity theft.  Some programs are designed for kids and will afford them the opportunity to make piggy banks and origami wallets.

Speaking of kids, it's never too early to start learning about money.  To that end, we have some great resources in a variety of formats to help them get started with that.  We also have a number of titles for adults, also in a variety of formats.  We also have some great business and legal eSources that will help you research specific financial topics and investments.

A calendar of Money Smart Week events may be found here, or if it is more convenient, a list may be found here.



Posted by LisaF on April 6, 2016