Seed Library FAQs

Logo of Seed Library, black and white with various fruits and vegetables shown

Seed Library FAQ


What is a seed library?

  • The same way the library works to make books available to everyone, the seed library does for seeds. We loan the seeds to our patrons and hope that some seed is returned when crops are harvested.

Where are the seed libraries?

Where does the library get the seeds?

Do I need a library card? Is there a fee?

  • No. The seed library is free and open to anyone with or without a library card. We would love to help you sign up for a library card while you’re visiting though!

How many seeds can I borrow?

  • At this point each library has different borrowing rules. Please contact the seed library you are interested in to get more details.

I have a bunch of open seed packets/seeds from plants I grew. Can I donate them?

  • Yes! Bring them to your closest seed library. If they are seeds you harvested yourself please write down as much information about them as you can. We rely on donations to keep the seed library going.
Posted by NaomiB on February 5, 2019