Seed Library FAQs

Seed Library FAQ


What is a seed library?

  • The same way the library works to make books available to everyone, the seed library does for seeds. We loan the seeds to our patrons and hope that some seed is returned when crops are harvested.

Where are the seed libraries?

Where do we get all these seeds?

  • Seeds are donated from a wide variety of sources including Working Food, Lowes, Reddick Brothers Hardware, and our wonderful patrons!

Do I need a library card? Is there a fee?

  • No. The seed library is free and open to anyone with or without a library card. We would love to help you sign up for a library card while you’re visiting though.

How many seeds can I borrow?

  • At this point each library has different borrowing rules. Please contact the seed library you are interested in to get more details.

I have lots of open seed packets/seeds from plants I grew. Can I donate them?

  • Yes! Bring them to your closest seed library. If they are seeds you harvested yourself please write down as much information about them as you can. We rely on donations to keep the seed library going.

I borrowed some seeds but they didn't sprout. What happened?

  • Our seeds come from many sources. We hope all seeds donated to the library are viable but we can't make any guarantees. If you kept the packet, bring it in and let the seed librarian know and we'll do a sprout test.


Seed Saving


As of writing this most of our seed comes from hardware stores pulling their expiring seed packets. While they are technically past their prime germination period and can't be sold, most of these seeds are still viable and so we work to make them available to our patrons.


Over time we'd like to see more of our seeds coming from local seed savers. When the seed is collected locally that means we know it grows in our area. The gardener might share information about how it does in our particular climate or tips on how to deal with local pests and diseases.


If you are new to seed saving and want to give it a try, Community Seed Network has several resources listed on their website. Check with your seed librarian as well. We try to schedule seed saving workshops from time to time and there might be one coming up.



Posted by NaomiB on February 5, 2019