Butterfly Release Right on Schedule for Earth Day

This year Adult Services and Youth Services have joined together to raise a kalidescope (the name of a group of butterflies) of butterflies to be released on Earth Day, April 22. We received the caterpillars and they will change into chrysalides and then to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies - then we will release them to go pollinate our earth!

You may not realize how important butterflies are but they are the third most crucial pollinator behind bees/wasps and flies. Our earth's food supply depends on pollinators. 80 % of food crops are pollinated by insects such as bees, moths and butterflies, according to scientists. Butterflies are considered an indicator species, one that tells us about the health of our environment. https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/exhibits/butterfly-rainforest/butterflies from cocoon

Click on the links below to find more about butterflies in our library collection:

Butterflies-Juvenile Literature


Butterfly Gardening

Be sure to check out additional resources at the UF Butterfly Rainforest and the view from the Live Butterfly Cam

See you at our Butterfly Release on April 22!

Posted by LindaD on April 18, 2019