Code your own Doodle Google

Use your creativity and imagination to bring the Google logo to life using code. Make the letters dance, tell a story or create a game. With Scratch, anyone can become a designer and programmer in just an hour.

If you use Google, you have seen the fun, playful, artistic, and important Google Doodles. They have been used to highlight important days of the year, birthdays of famous people and well know events throughout the year. There have been Doodles that can be played as a game, such as the 30th anniverasay of  Pac-Man. The design and artistic quality that is found in the Doodles is created by a team of artists, designers, and engineers, appropriately named Doodlers.    

During the 1 hour Let's Code: Create Your Own Google Doodle on Friday, February 2 at 3:30 pm in Meeting Room B at Headquarters Library you will use Scratch programming to make your own Doodle. It can even be submitted to Google if you would like. If you don't know Scratch - no problem, you can learn easily as you create your Doodle. 

To check out some of the fantastic Doodles that have been used, click on the image of pop singer Teresa Teng below:

Posted by LindaD on January 28, 2018