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The Gainesville Creative Computing Club is going to start holding monthly workshops at the Headquarters Branch Library. The first month's meeting is going to be Introduction to Creative Coding with Processing. This will be a project based workshop that will include time for working on your project and collaborating with other participants. The topic for the next two workshops have not been finalized, but please check back at this blog for updates. Registration is required for all the following workshops:


April 13th, 11am-4pm (With a lunch break) in Meeting Room B. 

Introduction to Creative Programming with Processing. 

Are you an artist, designer, or someone who is curious about using code creatively? Then this workshop is for you! We’re going to spend the day learning the basics of programming in Processing by drawing, animating, and making simple interactive sketches with code. The focus will be on breaking down programming concepts and giving you a foundation to build on for future exploration.

No programming experience necessary, really! This workshop is especially for artists, designers, researchers, or anyone who wants to get creative with code!


May 25th, 11am-4pm (With a lunch break) in Meeting Room B. 

Introduction to Audio Synthesis with Pure Data: (Register at Link)

This workshop will be an introduction to the fundamentals of digital audio synthesis and sound design using open source visual programming language Pure Data. Pure Data requires no typed code to generate sound from your computer, instead utilizing “patch cables” to link visual boxes of objects in the canvas. With this platform, we will discuss and explore a variety of synthesis methods such as musical and percussive sound sequencers and more experimental audio generation. Pure Data, due to its open source and free platform, has an extensive community of developers which makes your projects easily portable to a wide variety of computers, thus part of this workshop will include moving our projects to our mobile phones (iPhone + Android compatible).


June 29th, 11am-4pm (With a lunch break) in Meeting Room B. 

Topic to be announced


Attendees are highly encouraged to bring their own laptops (and power cables). If you need to borrow a computer for the day, please email us at the address below after registering. Wifi is available. Processing runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you have any questions about your laptop’s capability or compatibility, please drop the Gainesville Creative Computing Club  a note: After registering for the workshop you will instructions on how to install Processing and other needed information.

Posted by JoeB on April 8, 2019