Lucifer Season 5 release date announced

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The Tv Show Lucifer, produced by Warner Brothers, stars Tom Ellis as the titular character. The initial premise of the show is Satan growing bored and deciding to take a vacation, and eventually becoming a crime solving devil. (It makes sense. Don’t overthink it.) One of the main overarching themes that I love is everyone is redeemable. Lucifer is loosely based on the character from the Neil Gaiman Sandman series and Mike Carey's Lucifer series. It also stars Lauren German, DB Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, and Aimee Garcia. 

Lucifer has had a tumultuous history. It originally aired in 2016 on the FOX network. When FOX decided to cancel the show in 2018 before the season 3 finale aired, fans were devastated. They generated almost 10 million tweets promoting the show and asking stations and streaming services to #SaveLucifer.  This worldwide effort astounded the cast, crew, and news sites. Netflix announced in June of that year they were saving the show and had picked it up for season 4. Fast forward to earlier this week when they announced Season 5 part 1 of the show will air on the streaming service on August 21st. Season five part 2 will release at a later date. The network has also ordered a 6th and final season.

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