OverDrive updates for April

The following changes were made to the OverDrive site in April.

  • Limited Titles Message: The message for titles with limited numbers of checkouts (metered titles) will be updated.  When placing a hold on these titles, you will see a warning that the title is no longer part of the collection, and that holds will only move forward if the title is added again. This warning will appear on the details page (when  the "?" icon is selected), the Holds page, and the Place a hold pop-up.  As a reminder, the records of limited titles usually remain in the catalog as they may be resupplied for further checkouts.

Holds explained screenshot

  • Bundled Titles: Bundled titles (for example, an audiobook that includes a PDF of a map) will appear as a single cover image on the Loans page, with a paperclip icon that lists available supplemental materials when selected (see image below).

Supplemental content option for a bundled title on the Loans page screenshot

A dismissible message will also be added to bundled titles on the Loans page (see image below).

Dismissible message for bundled title screenshot

  • Enhanced Content: For clear and consistent messaging across the site, bundled titles that were previously referred to as “ENHANCED” content will be updated to read “Includes supplementary content” next to the format type on the title details page:

Includes supplementary content screenshot

  • BORROW Button: When you borrow a title from the details page or account page, the BORROW button text will change to GO TO LOANS and link to your Loans page. This change will let you quickly and easily access titles in your preferred format.

Go to loans button screenshot

Bug fixes and other performance updates were also made to OverDrive.

Posted by OttoP on March 31, 2017