Week One of 30 Days of Gay: 7 Films Celebrating Pride

June is Pride month and at the library we are showcasing 30 films from our collection that celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and history. Every Friday in June we will post 7 films that highlight positive, inclusive representation and discuss the history and important figures in the movement for equality.

God's Own CountryGod's Own Country (2017) Not Rated

Set in the rural countryside of Yorkshire, this film follows the life of farmer boy Johnny as he works the land of his family farm in relative isolation with his elderly grandmother and his recently injured father. Struggling with feelings of despondency, he binge drinks and bar crawls to deal with the harshness of his life. When he hires on Romanian farmhand Gheorghe to help during lambing season, he undergoes a personal transformation where he learns to love and to be loved. With beautiful shots of the Yorkshire countryside and a gruff but sweet romance, this is a great watch for fans of romance and dramas. Watch the trailer here.






Portrait of a Lady on FirePortrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) Rated R

When young, aristocratic Héloïse is forced from the convent and into marriage by her family, she refuses to sit for her marriage portrait. Her mother hires the female artist Marianne to pretend to be her walking companion in order to capture her likeness. As she paints her in secret, the women form a powerful connection and fall in love even as their circumstances force them apart. French with English subtitles, this is for fans of French romance who do not shy away from crying. Watch the trailer here.






TangerineTangerine (2015) Rated R

A film shot entirely using three iPhone 5S', this comedy takes place in LA, where trans sex worker Sin-Dee Rella gets out of her short stint in prison and discovers that her pimp and boyfriend Chester has been cheating on her with a cis-het woman. She and her new friend Alexandra explore the underbelly of the LA scene and they seek him out to punish him and his new girl. Critically acclaimed, this film also jumpstarted the first Academy Award campaigns for openly trans actresses. Watch the trailer here.







Paris is BurningParis is Burning (1993) Rated R

Widely considered one of the most popular documentaries on the life of those involved in the Golden Age of the Ballroom scene during late 80's NYC, it is also highly controversial. While it does explore issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality in America, many of those who were filmed later claimed to have been exploited by the film maker and a follow up film How Do I Look addresses these problems directly. These issues aside, it is still an important work that documents a specific time and place important to LGBTQ+ history. Watch the trailer here.







Kiki (2016) Not RatedKiki

Considered the sequel to Paris is Burning, Kiki is a documentary that follows the lives of Black and Latinx members of the contemporary drag and voguing scene  as it undergoes scrutiny while the Black Lives Matter movement and the trans rights movement become front page news. As the documentary progresses, you also see the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis in modern times, bringing light to important issues still affect the community at large. Watch the trailer here.








Pariah (2011) Rated R

Teenage Alike lives in Brooklyn with her parents and younger sister as a closeted lesbian. While she quietly embraces her identity and is looking for her first lover, she wonders how much she can truly confide in her family, especially with her parents' marriage already strained. When Alike's mother presses her to befriend a colleague's daughter Alike finds someone she can finally be herself with. A sweet teenage love story that discusses the issues of coming out in a kind manner. Watch the trailer here.






GohattoTaboo[Gohatto] (2002) Not Rated

Taking place during the batsumatu period, this story of homosexuality in Japan is a fascinating look into history. Life in a samurai compound where young warriors are trained in sword fighting. A number of interpersonal conflicts are brewing in the training room, all centering around a handsome young samurai named Sozaburo Kano. The school's stern master can choose to intervene, or to let Kano decide his own path. Watch the trailer here.

Posted by Assh on June 5, 2020