Archaeology in the Library, July 9th

What’s the best way to learn about a person, whether they lived thousands of years ago or today? Look through their garbage of course! Archaeologists study prehistoric trash piles or middens to gain a wealth of information about the past. They also investigate purpose built mounds that still dot the Florida landscape to learn about prehistoric societies. Learn how Native Americans in Florida built a better world in this fun and hands-on program.

Nigel Rudolph from the Florida Public Archaeology Network will be at the Micanopy Branch library Sunday the 9th at 2 PM. Be sure to come in and learn about recent discoveries archaeologists have made in the area. We welcome amateur archaeologists of any age!

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Craig Dengel, a Louisiana State University doctorate of archaeology student, holds two artifacts that have been found at Tyndall while at the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron Natural Resources building Aug. 26. The intricate design on these artifacts can reveal the amount of time it took to make them, and who they may have been made for. (U.S. Air Force image by 2nd Lt. Christopher Bowyer-Meeder) 

Posted by NaomiB on July 3, 2017