Veteran's Day Weekend movie suggestions

My recent favorite: The Finest Hours, is about a Coast Guard rescue. This heart-pounding story chronicles the rescue attempt of an oil tanker that broke in half during a storm. Chris Pine plays the low-key hero who takes the 12 passenger boat out into hurricane force winds. Based on a true story, this action-thriller has been pretty much ignored this year in favor of the blockbuster sequels of 2016. Definately worth your time to watch. Pay attention to the end credits for information about the event itself.







Into the White pits British and German soldiers against each other in the freezing landscape of Norway. You may not recognize most of these actors, but they do a fine job. Yes, the ginger one is Rupert Grint. Also based on a true story, this 2013 tale of survival will surprise you.








OK, those movies are about soldiers. Civilians have been immortalized on the silver screen as well. Here's one you probably never heard about. Goodnight Mr. Tom, brings together a young boy who is sent to the country for his safety during the London bombings of WWII, and the elderly country recluse who takes him in. The cultural and generational issues are to be expected, but this is a strong story worth watching.  


Posted by BethA on November 10, 2016