What to Plant in December

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We’re at peak winter gardening season but if you’re an apartment dweller or your yard is the size of a postage stamp you might think you’re limited to an herb plant or two. 

Crops in Tight Spots book jacketCrops in Tight Spots by Alex Mitchell has instructions on how to grow mushrooms under your bed, fruit trees in pots, and beans in alleyways. It has timeline guidelines for year-round vegetable beds so your limited space is always producing. With color coded pages for projects, inspiration, and ‘get the look,’ Crops in Tight Spots is an excellent book to flip through when you’re short on time and space but want to expand beyond some basil and oregano.

Other titles to check out for space-limited gardening

Container Gardening Complete by Jessica Walliser 

My Tiny Veg Plot by Lia Leendertz

Small-Space Container Gardens by Fern Richardson 

Vertical Vegetables by Amy Anrychowicz


Now what will you plant in the coffee tins and clamshell boxes you repurpose for the balcony? Everything that can take a brief cold snap and keep growing is good to go. If you aren’t sure what that includes check the list below, sourced from the IFAS vegetable gardening guide.  You can also join Grow Gainesville on Facebook for ideas and the advice of thousands of local gardeners.

  • Arugula (Sept-Mar)
  • Beets (Aug-Feb)
  • Broccoli (Aug-Feb)
  • Brussels Sprouts (Aug-Feb)
  • Cabbage (Aug-Feb)
  • Carrots (Aug-Mar)
  • Cauliflower (Aug-Feb)
  • Celery (Aug-Feb)
  • Chinese Cabbage (Aug-Feb)
  • Collards (Aug-Feb)
  • Kale (Aug-Feb)
  • Kohlrabi (Sept-Mar)
  • Mustard (Aug-Feb)
  • Onions, bunching (Aug-Mar)
  • Peas, English (Jan-Mar)
  • Radish (Sept-Mar)
  • Spinach (Sept-Mar)
  • Swiss Chard (Sept-May)
  • Turnips (Aug-Feb)



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Posted by NaomiB on November 29, 2020