A Discussion on Mary Todd Lincoln March 29

Mary Todd Lincoln: Our Most Controversial First Lady


While Abraham Lincoln is seen as one of our greatest presidents, by contrast his wife is generally regarded as our worst and most controversial First Ladies.  Public opinion at the time cast her as a shrew, a woman given to mood swings and public outbursts, and an embarrassment. Yet at the same time, she was also praised for her support of Lincoln and the compassion she showed wounded soldiers during visits to hospitals. This presentation will examine the accomplishments, failures, and personal tragedies of this controversial figure.

Barbara J. Oberlander is a retired History professor from Santa Fe College. Her special interest is American history with a particular emphasis on women’s history. She has been very active in community efforts to heighten awareness of women’s roles in American life.

Join us at the Millhopper Branch on Sunday, March 29th at 2:30 p.m. to learn more on one of our most well-known First Ladies.