Friday 13th After Hours Mystery in the Library

Every night, after the library closes the book characters come to life and spend the evening together.  However, last night a crime was perpetrated that resulted in the disappearance of His Majesty King Henry VIII.  So we are gathering all the characters who were present together and following the clues to figure out what happened. 

Join us in a celebration of Friday the 13th this October for a mystery party after the library has closed.  Dinner will be provided by Little Caesars.  From September 1st to October 6th come into the Millhopper Branch Library to register for the program and choose the character you wish to play.  All participants must register in person and be between the ages of 12 and 17. 

Don’t forget to dress up in character for the event.  We will be awarding a prize to the participant who solves the crime as well as the one with the best costume.