It's Monkey Day at the Library!

It’s time to monkey around at the Millhopper Branch Library!

December 14th is International Monkey Day, a day to celebrate all things simian, a day you are encouraged to act like a monkey. And this year we’re celebrating Monkey Day at the library!

Why Monkey Day? Why not? Who doesn’t love monkeys? Monkeys with their tails and climbing trees and cute faces, monkeys are awesome.

We have programs all afternoon on Monkey Day for kids and teens. There will be a monkey themed scavenger hunt, a trivia contest, banana eating and a movie. If you feel up for a challenge, we’ll even be making monkey fist knot keychains.

Check out the official Monkey Day webpage and let your facebook friends know you’re celebrating Monkey Day by clicking attending on the event page. Brush up on your monkey knowledge for the trivia contest by checking out some books and come down December 14th for food, prizes, and everything monkey!

Photo courtesy of Trey Ratcliff


Posted by NaomiB on December 3, 2012