Minecraft: Survival Tuesday!

You asked, we listened. We’re turning on survival mode in the library’s Minecraft server!

Every Tuesday starting at 4:30 PM the library’s Minecraft server will be switched into survival mode. This means Zombies will attack, Creepers will explode, and don’t look at the Endermen! Save some of those diamonds for armor and don’t forget to make yourself a sword.

If you’ve never played survival Minecraft before check out some of our sources for tips and tricks on how to defend yourself against the Wither.

Minecraft Essential HandbookMinecraft Essential Handbook

Minecraft Combat HandbookMinecraft Combat Handbook

We also have several video courses available in Safari Tech and Business Books including The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Minecraft and The Ultimate Survival and Redstone Guide to Minecraft.

Safari video guide

Wondering what the library is doing with Minecraft? Check out the video below and happy digging!

Minecraft: Education Edition

Posted by NaomiB on September 14, 2017