Review: Tame Impala - "Currents"

Currents - Tame ImpalaTame Impala - Currents (2015)

After three years in his Perth studio, Kevin Parker, Australian mastermind of Tame Impala, emerged with an excellent third album.  Like his previous releases, Innerspeaker (2011) and Lonerism (2012), 29-year-old Parker recorded and produced Currents entirely on his own with a zealous meticulousness.  This time, his psychedelic rock sound is decidedly more hi-fi - crisp, clear, and smooth - with even more production elements overlaid throughout.  

Most noticeable is the heavy use of flanger, which washes over almost every song with a layer of warbly sonic waves, perhaps lending to the album’s title.  Guitars also take a backseat to a heavier use of keys and synth, while Parker’s voice remains eerily similar to John Lennon’s.  His drumming is again on point, and with plenty of lightly-funky basslines, he makes an exquisite one-man rhythm section.  

The level of technical prowess behind the boards and sheer songcraft and musicianship is an impressive feat for one person.  Check out Currents today.

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Posted by DavidL on November 4, 2015