Snark, sleaze, and skate punk. Revisited!

What comes around, goes around. In case you haven't noticed, there is a bit of a late 90s early 00s revival going on in the world of music. Groups like Blink-182, Simple Plan, and Sum 41 are all releasing or have just released new albums.

It seems like only yesterday that The Offspring, NOFX, and Good Charlotte were riding high on the wave of Pop Punk fever that had gripped the nation. Inspired by groups like Social Distortion and the Descendants, the late 90s and early 00s saw pop melodies married to the faster, driven tempo and irrereverent lyrics of classic punk. America ate it up.

Below are links to some of the best examples of this exciting genre found on Freegal; use your 5 free downloads a week to check out this fast-paced, frenetic style of music, perfect for listening in the car, getting pumped up during a workout, or playing your favorite videogames to.

Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat

Album cover


Hangups by Goldfinger


War on Errorism by NOFX


Americana by The Offspring


Borders & Boundaries by Less Than Jake


Somebody's Gonna Miss Us by The Starting Line


Punk the Clock

Posted by ChrisL on August 2, 2016