Staff Music Picks August 2015

To inaugurate our brand new page dedicated to Music, we asked staff to share a few of their all time favorites in our Music CD colleciton. 

Man looking at viewerAlbum: 808's and Dark Grapes III
Artists: Main Attrakionz
Why: 808s and Dark Grapes III sees Oakland rappers Squadda B and MondreM.A.N. hit their most critical and widespread success yet with lyrics that speak of joy, persistence, and perseverance while still maintaining a hard edge

Woman and man looking at viewer.Album: Barton Hollow
Artists: Civil Wars
Why:Filled with haunting lyrics and superb guitar work, this duo's sweet folk melodies will make you crave more.

Drawing of a womanAlbum: Cosmic Slop
Artists: Funkadelic
Why: Great melodies and playful and at times political lyrics make this album well worth a listen. 


Helm from a suit of armorAlbum: Invincible
Artists: Two Steps from Hell
Why: Widely known for creating “epic” trailer-style music, Two Steps from Hell’s compositions have been used in movies-The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and Star Trek: Into Darkness- television shows- Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones- and sporting events including the 2012 London Olympics.

Album: The Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music
Artist: Harry Belafonte and other artists
Why: This five disc collection is a beautiful collection of African American music from the early 17th Century to beginings of the Civil Rights Movement. 



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Posted by SheilaB on August 19, 2015