BestYou shares skills to be well

If you are tired and stressed out ALL THE TIME and nothing you have done seems to help, maybe you need some help. 

BESTYou is a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that introduces basic life strategies and tools to interested individuals that are trying to make a change for the better. With one session a week for four weeks, the program allows you to get together with friends, neighbors, and/or family members to enjoy good (FREE) food as well as meaningful group discussions and activities that center around good lifestyle behaviors.

Sessions will be held at the Newberry Branch at 5:30 pm on Thursdays July 11 - Aug 1.  To register, or to get more information, please call or text 352.354.2542.

While BESTYou was developed for individuals and families who are dealing with chronic conditions, we (and they) recognize that not every disease or condition is diagnosed.  So if you, or someone you love, are struggling to keep up with everyday life, this is a really good opportunity to meet with others in a facilitated setting to learn ways to make your life a little bit simpler.  

It can be really hard to add one more thing to a busy schedule, especially if you are already exhausted, but think of this as an investment in self-care.  And really try to come.  It's totally free, and totally worth your time.

Posted by LisaF on June 26, 2019