Intro to Birdwatching

A member of the Alachua Audubon Society will share his delight and expertise on the subject of birdwatching, a fascinating hobby that is suitable for people of all ages.  We hope you'll join us at 6 pm on Monday, March 6th in the Meeting Room of the Newberry Branch Library for this event.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about birds and birding, check out some of these titles.  Or, if you are just wanting to browse around in the stacks (library jargon for "shelves where the books are"), the call numbers for birds and birding and bird watching are in the 598s.  

Book cover image for The Rarest Bird in the WorldThe Rarest Bird in the World ~ Part detective story, part love affair, and pure adventure storytelling at its best, a celebration of the thrill of exploration and the lure of wild places during the search for the elusive Nechisar Nightjar. - (WW Norton)

Book cover image for Birding for the CuriousBirding for the Curious ~ Helps budding naturalists or just those who have bird feeders learn about and identify the feathered friends around them, including how to differentiate between bird calls and how to bring the birds to your yard. - (Baker & Taylor)

Book cover image for The Thing with FeathersThe Thing with Feathers ~ The Thing with Feathers by Noah Strycker is a fun and profound look at the lives of birds, illuminating their surprising world--and deep connection with humanity. - (Baker & Taylor)


Posted by LisaF on February 17, 2017