Treat Yourself to the Love You Deserve

Life coach and professional organizer Angela Betancourt of Simply Angela will teach you 10 ways to make your life better and to appreciate it more.  How so?  Well, I know Angela.  She's amazing.  I've had her in my home (more than once!) working as a professional organizer.  I've also utilized her services as a life coach.  Can she change your life in 45 minutes?  Probably not.  But she can put you on the path to thinking about the questions you should ask about yourself and your home that will enable you to engage in effective self-care.  You deserve to be loved.  And even if you believe (correctly or not) that no one else loves you, you have it within your power to love yourself and to treat yourself well.  

Learn how by joining us for this FREE event at the Newberry Branch Library on Tuesday, February 12, at 6:30 pm.


Posted by LisaF on January 17, 2019