Villain or victim? A Heartless book review by Jerick

Teen reviewer Jerick said that he loved this book so much that he would do anything to get the next book in the series. He also said that he loved how they made the story change directions so fast and that he couldn't wait to read the rest.


Heartless, by Marissa Meyer, is the story of how Catherine of Hearts became the queen of Wonderland who chopped off everyones' heads.  At the beginning, the king is about to propose and.  However, when Catherine finds out, she runs away from the ball and faints. The king's joker, Jest, finds her and helps her recover. She and the joker quickly fall in love.


At this point, the jabberwok, a pumpkin-eating monster, enters the story.  It is revealed that the jabberwok is Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife.  A fierce battle ensues, and Catherine kills the jabberwok, and Peter cuts off Jest's head.  


Soon after, the king proposes.  What happens next?  Read Heartless to find out!


And when you finish, here are some discussion questions:



1. Why do you think Cath didn't want to marry the king?

2. What do you think you would dream of if something came out of your dreams?

3. Wound you trade your heart for revenge? Why or why not?

Posted by LisaF on October 8, 2020