Tuesday, April 28 is half price day at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

This year’s Collector’s Corner features books and collectibles at bargain prices. Take a browse through this partial list then mark your calendar for the spring Friends of the Library Book Sale, at the BookHouse, 430-B N. Main Street, Gainesville.

Friends of the Library Collector's Corner is open April 25-28 during the Spring Book Sale, April 25-29, 2015. Some highlights include:

Art and Photography
The Art of Soviet Paekh by N Sobolevsky; 1958.
Salvador Dali The Paintings 1904-1989 – by Robert Descharnes / Gilles Neret, 2 volumes; 2007.
Les Jardins by Van Cleef & Arpels; original jewelry influenced by gardens and illustrated with paper cutouts; in slipcase; 2008.
The New York School Photographs 1936-1963 by Jane Livingston; includes bibliographical references and index; 1992.
The Russian Icon: From its Origin to the Sixteenth Century by Viktor Nikitich Lzarer; 1st edition; 1996.

Collectors, Collections & Collecting the Arts of China edited by Jason Steuber; 1st edition; 2014.
The Art of the Motorcycle published by the Guggenheim Museum; 1998.
Winogrand: Figments from the Real World by John Szarkowski; 1988; 2003 with addenda.
Henri Cartier Bresson, Photogrpher 1st revised edition; 1992.
Looking In: Robert Frank’s the Americans expanded 1st edition; 2009.

2 Robert Carson Watercolor Prints of the University of Florida; 11 ½” x 14 ½”
Florida Pines and Phosphates, Bricks and Baptists by Franklin Camp Bacon; signed; includes genealogy of the Camp family who founded Campville, FL; 1989.
The Timber Tycoons: The Camp Families of Virginia and Florida and Their Empire 1887-1987 by Parke Rouse, Jr.; signed; includes genealogy of the Camp family who founded Campville, FL; 1988
The Yearling by Marjory Kinnan Rawlings; Easton Press.
Ruby McCollum by William Bradford Huie; a book once banned in Florida; hardback and paperback; 1956.
Florida Architecture of Addison Mizer introduction by Ida Tarbell; 185 illustrations; William Helburn, Inc.; 1928.
Indian Traders of the Southeastern Spanish Borderlands: Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & Company 1783-1847 by William Coker and Thomas Watson; 1986.

Literature, History and First Editions
The Emergence of Lincoln by Allan Nevins; Easton Press; 2 volumes; 1988.
Eichmann in Jerusalem: a Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt; 1st edition; Viking; 1963.
World War I Books a collection of review copies, including: Beill’s Encyclopedia of World War I; 2 volumes; 2012.
History of Brooks County Georgia, 1858-1948; 1st edition; includes genealogy, history, 1860 census, etc.; 1948.
A Moveable Feast Ernest Hemingway; 1st edition; 1964.
The Water-Method Man by John Irving; 1st edition; fiction; 1972.
The Romance of the Colorado River by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh; 1st edition; 1902.
At the Mountain of Madness & other Novels by H. P. Lovecraft; 1st Arkham House printing; 1964.

Civil War
A History of the 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry; 1997.
Suffering to Silence: 29th Texas Cavalry, CSA, Regimental History; signed; 1975.
Confederate Supply 1969.
Civil War Records, State of Maine for Years 1864 & ’65; 2 volumes; 1866.
War of the Rebellion, Official Records, Series I / Volume I; 1880.
Life in Dixie During the War ’61, ’62, ’63, ’64 & ’65.
Civil War Reminiscences of a Georgia Lady; 1897.
Infantry Tactics, Volume 2 Brig. Gen. Silas Casey; 1862.
Voices of the Civil War; 20 volumes.
Photographic History of the Civil War; 5 volumes; 1987 edition.
Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln; 6 volumes; Sangamon edition.

Faulkner’s Mississippi by Willie Morris; 1st edition; 1990.

Peanuts, the Art of Charles M. Schulz signed with small drawing; 2001.

The Forever War I by Joe Haldeman; illustrated by Marvano; a graphic novel; limited edition #276/500; signed by Haldeman; 1990.
A large selection of motorcycle racing books including: Steve McQueen 40 Summers Ago, Hollywood behind the Iron Curtain with the 1964 ISDT U.S. team; 1st edition; includes poster of McQueen and is signed by six members of the U.S. team; 2004.
Uncle Remus & Brer Rabbit by Joel Chandler Harris; published by Frederick A. Stokes Company; 1907.

A collection of Pogo humor by Walt Kelly; 1950’s
Several self-bound books with collections of: Chicago Ledger 1899-1923, Illustrated Story Weekly Chicago Ledger 1924, Weekly Ledger Illustrated Stories 1924-1925. Blade and Ledger 1929, Frank Leslie’s Chimney Corners a bound book of issues from June 6, 1868 – May 22, 1869.

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