A note about eBook availability

The Library District has been working hard to develop a robust collection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. We realize how popular these are. However, a relatively small proportion of all books published are offered to libraries in digital format.

Some major publishers do not make their publications available to libraries as eBooks at all.

Some authors delay allowing the licensing of their titles to libraries in eBook format for several months, until after the title has moved off the best-seller list. Many of the eBook titles that are available via online stores are not available to libraries.

If you request that the library purchase an eBook title, please realize that we do our best to fulfill these requests but often the titles just are not available to libraries. Publishers that disallow or limit eBook availability to libraries include Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Penguin.

Libraries like ours provide constant feedback to vendors about our patrons’ needs and wishes, and library associations, as well as vendors like OverDrive, are working with publishers as we move forward with this new technology. At ACLD, we are keeping a close eye on these developments and will continue to do our best to represent the public’s interest. Our wish is to provide as large and diverse a collection of eBooks as possible.