Print and Microform Collections

Most of these resources are housed in the Headquarters Library. On request, staff will search, copy, and send copies, either through email or postal mail. Print copies are limited to 3 pages. Our print and microform collections include (but are not limited to):

Gainesville and Alachua County History. Available in books, microfilm, local newspapers, descriptive brochures, and biographical data.

  • Gainesville Telephone Directories: Some are only on microfilm, but many are available in print. The oldest directory in our collection is 1907 which is only 2 pages.
  • Gainesville City Directories
  • Hometown History: A Guide to North Central Florida’s Rich Past—for Readers, Researchers, Students and the Just-Plain Curious (from the Alachua County Library District)
  • History of Gainesville by Jess Davis 
  • History of Alachua County by Fritz W. Buchholz

State and county records

  • Florida Combined Indexes of Marriages, Divorces & Deaths, 1877-1997 is on microfiche and can be searched by the name of husband or maiden name of wife. This resource gives the year and county of the event which is necessary to get copies of certificates from the appropriate county.


  • Gainesville Sun     The Library provides several online index databases to the Gainesville Sun.  Please access them through the Local History page.  There is an extensive card index to the Gainesville Sun, 18?? to 1985. 
  • Palm Beach Post Historic Archive      For the first time, readers are now able to browse the earliest editions of The Palm Beach Post, as well as The Palm Beach Daily News, the Miami News, The (Palm Beach) Tropical Sun and The Palm Beach Independent. This Historic Archive, made possible in partnership with Google, spans the years 1897 through 1988.