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  • Please check the catalog to be sure we don’t own the title before you suggest it.
  • The library purchases most best-sellers and has a "standing order" list of authors whose new titles are almost always purchased. See the authors list. New titles are typically cataloged approximately three months ahead of publication. Please check the catalog closer to the release date to place your hold.
  • Suggestions for books and music will be considered one month prior to release date, or for items already released.
  • Suggestions for DVDs, eBooks, and eAudiobooks will be considered after the release date.
    • Note that some publishers do not make items available to libraries on the release date, or at all.
  • Each library card holder may suggest up to five titles each week (Monday through Sunday).
  • For older print titles, an inter-library loan request is often a better option.
Please request only one title per submission.
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