Re-Entry Resources

These agencies and organizations in the Gainesville area can help the formerly incarcerated transition back into the workforce and the community.

Educational Resources

Community Resources

  • Alachua County Crisis Center
    Free mental health evaluations and services.
    (352) 264-6789
  • Catholic Charities, Inc.
    James Dixon specializes in finding resources for individuals recently released from jail/ prison.
    (352) 372-0294 ext. 18 
  • Gainesville Community Ministry
    Free medical advice/referral clinic and physical therapy clinic are available for anyone without insurance; first come first serve. Also assist with food pantry, utility and rental deposit assistance.
    (352) 372-8162
  • Helping Hands Clinic
    Psychiatric care for all homeless persons. Medical and spiritual guidance also available.
    (352) 372-8523 ext. 17
  • The Right Services
    A portal with contact information for housing, healthcare, job, transportation, and daily needs assistance.
  • Salvation Army
    (352) 376-1743
  • St. Francis House
    Daily lunches (10:30am-12:50pm), homeless shelter, 413 S Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601.
    (352) 378-9079

Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business

Job Searching and Employability