Reference form for volunteer applicant who is a minor

This form is necessary for any volunteer applicant who is a minor. It is not necessary for adult applicants, who have a separate volunteer application.

Minors must also submit a completed youth volunteer application form.

(Reference should not be related to the volunteer applicant.)

Include First and Last name of volunteer applicant

who is applying to be a volunteer at the Alachua County Library District.  I have known this person for 

period of time (days, months, or years)
name of school, church, etc.

I believe this young person has demonstrated that s/he is responsible, trustworthy, dependable, and would be a good candidate to become a Library volunteer.

I agree to be contacted regarding the information I have provided.

Please list First and Last name
My signature indicates that the above information is true and correct. If applying via website, my typed signature shall substitute for and have the same effect as an original signature.