Breaking Down The Brick Walls in Your Genealogy Research

Researching your family history and finding that you've hit a "brick wall" and can't go any further? Or are you interested in learning more about family history research and possibly avoiding brick walls in the first place? You won't want to miss the Genealogy Guys℠ George G. Morgan and Drew Smith when they come to the Headquarters library to discuss their tried and true family history techniques they have developed in their own research as well as a part of their research company, Aha! Seminars. They will be here as guests of the library as well as the Alachua County Genealogical Society, our local family history research group, on Monday, April 18 from 7 to 8:30 pm in Headquarters Meeting Room A.

 Click on the book images below for links to books by Morgan and Smith that are in our catalog, and click here for all things genealogy in our library catalog. Interested in joining the Alachua County Genealogical Society? Click here for more information or come to our talk on April 18 to learn more. Happy researching!



Posted by SylviaA on March 25, 2016