Celebrate Nature at Your Library

Disney NatureStop by the Headquarters library (Meeting Room B) for the Nature Lovers' Film Series. Each month, we will be showing one film from the Disney Nature collection. Each of these nature documentaries features a multitude of environments around the world, such as forests, oceans, and more. Below are descriptions of the films we will be showing and their scheduled dates/times.

Nature Lovers' Film Series: Oceans (104 minutes)

Thursday, June 15th at 1:00 pm

Explores the marine species of Earth's five oceans. The film also takes a look at how human activity affects the environment.

Nature Lover's Film Series: Wings of Life (77 minutes)

Disney Nature

Thursday, July 20th at 1:00 pm

Shows the delicate relationship between flowers and fauna. Filled with butterflies, bees, birds, and bats, this film follows beautiful stories of the inner-workings of pollen and its tie to the global food chain.

Nature Lovers' Film Series: Monkey Kingdom (82 minutes)

Thursday, August 17th at 1:00 pm

Follows a family of toque macaques living in ancient ruins in Sri Lanka. Watch as the family has to find a new home and share their distinct personalities.

Want to see all of the Disney Nature films? We have them available for check-out from your local library. Place them on hold here.