Find peace with nature sounds on Freegal

With mounting stress and fatigue from very little feeling normal these days, Nature Sounds can help you find some peace. Can't sleep? Listen to nature sounds and drift asleep. Pulse racing? Listen to nature sounds and slow down. Let the sounds of water, birds, and tranquility bring you moments of peace. Even a moment's vacation from stress is worth it.

Our library eSource Freegal has a large collection of Nature Sounds just waiting to calm you. Here are some examples: 


The Nature Sounds. Relax to the sounds of a lake, birds, and the rain.


Placid Nature Sounds. Relax to the sounds of brooks, natural water, and the riverside.


Ambient Nature Sounds. Luxuriate to the sounds of a tranquil sea, dolphins, and Tibetan healing music.


Tropical Relaxation Nature Sounds. Smile to the sounds of tropical birds, forest streams, and creeks.


Calming Nature Sounds. Unwind to the sounds of a flowing river and calming bird meditation music.


Peaceful Nature Sounds. Find peace to the sounds of brooks, birds, and forest waterways.


Pure Nature Sounds. Enjoy the sounds of a waterfall, rainshower, and whistling wind.


Woodland Nature Sounds. Feel grounded by the sounds of copse water, water under a bridge, and evening in the forest.


Posted by FionaL on August 20, 2020