Florida Electronic Library

Florida Electronic LibraryThe Florida Electronic Library (FEL) is a free service provided to the residents of Florida that contains articles, ebooks, videos, and other electronic resources. Here are a few of the resources available through FEL. Visit the FEL for a full list of resources and to access those on this list.

Gale OneFile Culinary Arts

Gale OneFile: Culinary Arts - offers a variety of information from major cooking and nutrition magazines as well as book reference content from Delmar.

Gale OneFile Gardening

Gale OneFile: Gardening and Horticulture - focuses on the practical aspects and the scientific theory of horticulture studies. Gardening and Horticulture offers biotechnologists, farmers, hobbyists and landscape architects access to important content relevant to their pursuits.

Gale OneFile Home Improvement

Gale OneFile: Home Improvement - places the research of hobbyists and professionals on a solid foundation with articles from more than 200 home improvement-focused titles. Home Improvement covers topics such as architectural techniques, tool and material selection, zoning requirements and more.

Gale OneFile Vocations and Careers

Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers - aids users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching and maintaining a career. Vocations and Careers offers hundreds of current and applicable periodicals ranging from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals.

Merck Manual

Merck Manual - medical information resources for both medical professionals and consumers. The manuals are created by medical experts worldwide and are editorially independent from Merck & Co.