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Newsbank provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. One specific collection is Hot Topics. Every month you can find a variety of topics that are related to current global Newsbank Quick Linksissues, events and people for personal or course research. Below are some of the December 2019 Hot Topics. Use the search terms provided to find out more on these topics.

Current Events

ENVIRONMENT AND NATURE: Australia -- Wildfires

TOPIC: The cities of Sydney and Adelaide are undergoing a thick, smoky haze from the fires near it, as Australia’s wildfire season has opened early. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia are all experiencing multiple fires. High winds and high temperatures are feeding the fires. How did these fires start? Does Australia undergo a fire season every summer? What was the advice given to the residents of Sydney and Adelaide regarding air quality?

SEARCH TERMS: Australia AND wildfires

Business and Economics

BUSINESS: United Kingdom – Uber Loses London License

TOPIC: Transport for London has ruled that Uber should lose its license to operate in London, one of its biggest markets, because over 14,000 rides were made with drivers who weren’t driving under their own name. Uber can continue while its appeal is being heard. What is threatening about the fact that Uber drivers could fake their identities? What are some of the reasons for the popularity of Uber in London?


Arts and Literature


TOPIC: Garth Brooks’s has broken a Country Music Award (CMA) record with his 7th win as Entertainer of the Year. Whose record did he break? Why were fans of Carrie Underwood upset and shocked? What are some of the qualities that critics and fans like about Brooks’ music?

SEARCH TERMS: “Country Music Awards” AND “Garth Brooks” AND “Entertainer of the Year”

Posted by Sabrina on December 4, 2019