Introduction to Mushroom Identification


Learn how to identify the fungus among us in this 5-part hands-on workshop. Topics include: the major groups of fungi; key macro-characteristics and descriptive terminology; how to photograph, collect, describe, and preserve specimens for identification; making a spore print; the use of simple dichotomous keys; common Florida fungi; edible and toxic mushrooms; microscopy and chemical tests; and online and print resources. Fresh local specimens will be the centerpiece of each class.

Programs will be held every Tuesday in July at 12 p.m. in Meeting Room B at the Headquarters Library.

Sarah Prentice has been identifying fungi since 2015. She co-founded and organizes the Florida Academic Lichen And Fungi Enthusiasts League (FALAFEL) and has led dozens of mushroom walks and fungal forays. She is active on Mushroom Observer and administers a number of online mushroom identification forums.