Learn a language and read COVID-19 News

Perhaps you're a news junkie like me and have been reading everything you can about COVID-19. As a break from the news I have been using Transparent Language to brush up my skills in Spanish. Recently, when I logged in to Transparent Language, a notice popped up that there now were lessons about COVID-19. I had to investigate.

Transparent Lanuage has created COVID-19 lessons for twelve languages and dialects- Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Hebrew, Korean, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. Each lesson includes

  • key vocabulary
  • recent pandemic-related news
  • updates from doctors and public health experts.
  • native speaker audio
  • interactive activities that build related listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

You can access the COVID-19 lessons through Transparent Lanuage or through their blog post about it. They plan to add more lessons as events unfold. If you already are using Transparent Language, you access the COVID-19 lessons through your learning dashboard. Click on the Browse tab, then look for a category called “Major News Lessons."

The lesson are good for teachers or for self-directed study. I found the first lesson was interesting but a bit difficult. These lessons will be a good way to push myself to get back to my previous skill level reading and writing Spanish. 

If you haven't used Transparent Language before, it is an online languge learning program with over 100 languages; including courses for English Language Learners. You can access it for free with your Alachua County Library District library card. Go to our portal for Transparent Language. Login with your library card. Use your email to set up your user ID and set a unique password.

I highly recommend Transparent Language as a way to learn a new language or practice a language you are rusty in. It has been a fun way to reboot my memory of Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugations, especially tricky things like subjunctive and conditional conjugations. I got my eleven year old nephew registered. He loves it as a break from Schoom (school + Zoom). He's using it to learn Spanish but also wants to start learning German this summer. He likes the idea of us both being beginners in a new language.

Need help getting Transparent Language set up? Contact us with questions Monday-Saturday 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

We also have updates on Alachua County Library District's response to COVID-19.


Posted by SheilaB on April 24, 2020