Make Your Money Work For You!

Saving Money

Interested in learning how to make your money work for you? If so, check out these FREE online resources, Morningstar and Valueline, available at the library, at home, and on the go with your library card.

- Detailed analysis of over 1,900 stocks, 2,100 funds, and over 150 ETFs. Just enter the stock or company name to find out more

- The Help & Education tab shows you more about how to invest and to stay ahead of the market

- Separate tabs for Stocks, Funds, and ETFs allows you to create short lists of each that you may be interested in

- Portfolio X-Ray lets you create your own investment portfolio

- Over 1,700 widely-followed companies plus over 1,800 small and mid-cap companies are included, with detailed analyst and full industry reports

- Long-range performance graphs and reports are also included

- Can create groups of investments for further research

- Includes "Value Line Investment Survey" and "Value Line Investment Survey - Small & Mid-Cap", both trusted resources for investing

Still have questions? Contact your closest library location for more information!