Read any good books lately?

Are you:

  1. Reading something great and want to find another book just like it?
  2. Reading something awful and want to find a book that isn't?
  3. Not reading anything and just want to find something good to read?

If any of these apply to you, then the library has databases that can help you in your search. NovelList Plus can steer you towards books that are similar to ones you've liked in the past, what series your book may be a part of, and reviews of books that you're interested in. For your convenience, this database is also built into the library catalog with each book record so you can access this information when you look up books. Books & Authors is another database similar to NovelList but with the added bonuses of more in-depth searching of characters and other content as well as the ability to write your own reviews of books. Last but definitely not least, for more information on authors and books that you've read, Literature Resource Center offers access to critical book and author analyses.

Whatever your literature needs, we can help. Stop by your local library, visit our catalog online, and if you want to try out our electronic books and other media, visit our digital media page.

Happy reading!

Posted by SylviaA on August 30, 2013