What's Learning Express?

Learning Express
Do you need to study for the GED or another test? Are you trying to figure out what career is best for you? Look no further than Learning Express! This eSource is useful for all ages whether you are in high school looking to take practice SAT test or an adult trying to figure what job is best suited for you. There are also software tutorials should you want to get familair with Microsoft Office products. Take a look at some of the centers available to you and what they offer:

College Prep Center - SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP, admission essays

High School Equivelancy Center - GED test

Adult Learning Center - Improve skills in math, reading and writing, prepare to become a U.S. citizen

Career Center - Prepare for career exams, improve workplace skills, get ready for the WorkKeys assessments

Learning Express can be accessed at the library, at home, and on the go as long as you have your library card. If you have any questions about this eSource, please visit your closest library location or give us a call at 352-334-3940.