Which language intrigues you the most?

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Transparent Language Online offers comprehensive language learning for library patrons. With this program you can learn a second language. Learn French if your native tongue is English, or learn English if your native tongue is Spanish. Have you always been interested in Japanese, or are you getting ready for a vacation in Greece? Going on a work trip to Iceland and want to learn Icelandic? Transparent has over 100 languages as well as English for over 25 native languages. There is a language for everyone.


Now that you are interested in learning a new language, what does Transparent have to offer? Start with an alphabet lesson if you want to read and write a new language. You can follow Transparent’s learning path or follow your own path. Time to practice speaking your new language? Transparent uses technology that allows you to compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker. Grammar practice and typing activities in that new language are part of the Transparent Language package.


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