Get Your Tomato Seeds Now!

Tomatoes are the star of the home garden and if you've always wanted to try growing them, picking up some seeds from your local library is an option you can't afford to ignore. We have cherry types, heirloom types, yellow and purple and red types. And not every library has the same types so it might be worth visiting a few.

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With the weather at it's coldest and the days at their shortest, we also have a wide variety of seeds that do well in our north Florida winter. When you call for tomatoes, consider asking for some peas or turnips as well.

Place these books on hold to pick up with those seeds or check them out on Overdrive for the convenience of reading on your phone. We would appriceate it if you kept our physical books away from the dirt.

The Complete Guide to Growing TomatoesEpic TomatoesGrowing Great TomatoesThe Vegetable Gardener's Bible

Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!

Posted by NaomiB on December 31, 2020