What Can You Create With Your New Veggies?


Before our libraries closed due to Covid-19, we had seed libraries available at each of our branches. Patrons were encouraged to take seeds and plant them at home. To grow their own vegetables.

But, what do you do when your veggies are ready to be picked? What recipes could you create with them?

Well, we've got a few recipes for you all to try at home. 

Below are the recipes for the vegetables that should be grown by now if you planted before Friday, February 28th, 2020: Beets, Cucumbers, Green Beans, and Spinach.

Each vegetable has a gluten-free and vegan recipe option. 


Beet Recipes:

(Gluten-Free) Heartbeet Chocolate Cake

Beet and Ricotta Hummus

Sparkling Beet Lemonade

Beet-Cured Salmon

(Gluten-Free) Beet Cookies

(Vegan) Red Velvet Cheesecake


Cucumber Recipes:

Cucumber Melon Smoothies

Chicken with Peach and Cucumber Salsa

Ginger Salmon with Cucumber Lime Sauce

Chicken Cucumber Pitas

(Vegan) Cucumber Pasta Salad

(Vegan/Gluten-Free) Spicy Ginger Asian Cucumber Salad



Green Bean Recipes:

Air Fryer Green Bean Fries

Green Bean Casserole

Balsamic Green Bean Salad 

Green Beans With Bacon 

(VEGAN) Southern Style Green Beans 

(GLUTEN-FREE) Green Bean Casserole 


Spinach Recipes:

Spinach Hummus and Bell Pepper Wraps

Chicken and Spinach Stromboli Ring

(Vegan) Italian Spinach Pinwheels

Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Bagels

Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip

(Gluten-Free) Stovetop Spinach and Artichoke Dip



Posted by AlyshaB on April 28, 2020