Check out the new OverDrive!

OverDrive's redesign is intended to make the site faster and easier to use, and there are a number of changes involved.


The first thing you may notice is that that the search box has been moved front and center, and that OverDrive adds suggestions as you type.  If the title or author you're looking for is suggested, you can simply click or tap on it to go to the results page.


A second improvement to searches is that the results page includes your search term, so if your device decides that when you typed "Tess Gerritsen" you obviously must have meant "Read Overridden,"  it will be a bit easier to sort out what went wrong.


The "Account" link is no longer a person, but is now an image of books.  


The "Checkouts" page has been renamed "Loans."  On this page, "Loans," "Holds," "Wish list," and "Settings" no longer have icons. 


Availability has been moved to above the book cover.  The options are "Available," "Wait list" (if there are holds on it already), and "on hold" (if you personally have a hold on the title).


You no longer have to tap on the cover to borrow a title or place a hold on it; those links have been moved to below the book cover.


Book format (e.g. eBook, mp3 audiobook) has been moved to below the book cover.


If you can no longer return a book from the website, the site provides instructions on how you can return it.


On your holds, it no longer says "next in line" but says e.g. "#1 on 1 copy."


One last change we wanted to mention is that "Automatic hold checkout" has been added as an option under "Settings" (you will no longer have to have an active hold to change this option).

Posted by JohnJ on October 24, 2016