Director's Office

Shaney T. Livingston Library Director 352-334-3910
Devonia Andrew Assistant to the Library Director 352-334-3910
Natalie Paterson Staff Assistant 352-334-3910
Rachel Cook Public Relations and Marketing Manager 352-334-3909

Administrative Services Division

Adam Brooks Administrative Services Division Director 352-334-3914
Wantanisha Morant Human Resources Director 352-334-0158
April Welcome Administrative Assistant 352-334-1295
Tamika D. Gadson Financial Services Administrator 352-334-3913
Chris Cochran Automated Services Administrator 352-334-3995
Vacant Facilities/Safety Services Administrator
Tony Littles Facilities Maintenance Manager 352-334-3906

Public Services Division

Joyce West Public Services Division Director 352-334-3968
Renee Patterson Public Services Administrator (Headquarters) 352-334-3954
Phillis Filer Public Services Administrator (Branches: West) 352-334-3957
Emily Young Public Services Administrator (Branches: East) 352-334-3922