Design an Alien from Your Name

Have you ever felt that you're out of sync, not quite fitting in, or like you came from outer space?

Well, now you can design an alter ego from space and guess what?  You can't get it wrong, because it is your very own inventiion.  So throw away any of your "I cants" and CREATE with me!

If you want to keep it simple, just make one or more aliens and hang on your refrigerator or wall. Or you can let your imagination roam and use them to create a mobile or laminate them as bookmarks, etc. Trade with your friends or make a project together virtually. We'd love to see your alien creations if you like: so share a picture of your creations online and use #AlachuaLibrary and #SummerWithTheLibrary so we can enjoy your creativity.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils, Markers, Paints, or crayons
  • any additional additional craft bling you have on hand and want to use such as clear tape to "laminate" your completed alien or colorful duct tape to back your alien. 

For more ideas, try some of our eSources that are free for you to use with a valid Alachua County Library card:

  • You can search “paper crafts” or “kid's crafts” in Creativebug to find some videos about other crafts or projects to try 
  • Visit the World Book eSource, click on Kids, then Activities, and then search using "alien" or "space" for more out of this world crafts and activities. 

For even more inspiration here are some books from our collection:




    Design an Alien from Your Name