Here’s the BIG SCOOP…I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!

We are gearing up for our 2017 Summer Reading Program and have two delicious events coming up to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer! 

Thursday, June 1st, 3:00 PM

Foodiespace: ice cream science  

Discover the science behind ice cream this summer at your Library. First follow the recipe to mix up the ingredients into your ice cream base. We’ll talk a little about simple measurements and fractions. Then, we’ll add the mixture to our Yaylabs! Ice Cream Maker Balls for mixing. Roll and shake the ball to speed up the process. Next, we need to add ice and salt to the other side of the ice cream ball. Why do we add salt? Join us in this very delicious science experiment to find out! (Option to make waffles too.)


Friday, June 2nd, 3:00 PM


This summer when you register for "Summer at the Library" you will get a ticket for your ice cream.  We have quite a lot of fun planned for your whole family this summer, including a fun scavenger hunt, discover new places in Alachua County, participate in programs at the library, enjoy personalized book recommendations, coupons to some of your favorite places and more!


All school ages welcome. So come chill out with some free ice cream and get signed up for the Summer Reading Program at your Library Partnership Branch.  Also, check out the Branch Events Calendar for more programming over the summer and our online catalog for all these yummy books on ice cream available for you to discover.


Posted by CindyB on May 26, 2017