Learn STEAM principles with PancakeBot in a 3 Session Course

This course gives participants the opportunity to learn about 3D printing concepts, as demonstrated by the Pancakebot, a 3D food printer, in a classroom format. This is designed to give a more in depth, educational experience by following a curriculum over the course of three, once weekly, one hour sessions. Registration is required and participants must be between the ages of 10 and 18. 

June 26 10:00am Millhopper Branch or June 29 3:00pm Alachua Branch

The first session focuses on the mechanics and creation of the PancakeBot. To start with, we will Skype with the inventor Miguel Valenzuela. Participants will have the opportunity to ask him about inventing, being an engineer, or something about the PancakeBot.Next, we will bring out the LEGO Mindstorms so participants can get an idea of the many inventions you can create using robotics. We will produce a few demonstration pancakes, but participants won’t be able to print their design until the third session.

July 3 10:00am Millhopper Branch or July 6 3:00pm Alachua Branch

The second session provides instruction in how to use the PancakePainter software. Users will practice hand drawing and then auto-tracing images to send to the PancakeBot for printing. We will introduce coding as it is related to adjusting the speed for your pancake print and experiment with printing speeds.

July 10 10:00am Millhopper Branch or July 13 3:00 Alachua Branch

Week 3 is when participants can use their knowledge to print their designs from week 2 as well as create additional designs or download designs from the web for printing. This week will be first come, first served in order to ensure a chance to print. Participants will also work in groups to learn how to make pancake batter. 

If you can't make it to all three sessions, you may consider attending a PancakeBot Demonstration at the Library Partnership Branch on August 3 at 1:00pm. 

PancakeBot: Holy Cow, It Worked - Miguel Valenzuela

Posted by AlixF on June 14, 2017