Teen Art Show

Virtual Teen Art Show for ages 12-15 results

teen art show

We were unable to have our usual Fall Teen Art Show and reception, but we still wanted to showcase our local teen's incredible talent. Like with all of the library's other programs, we went virtual and our teens didn't disappoint. We received almost 50 pieces of artwork from teens all across the county. The artwork ranged from digital works, to drawings, to paintings, to sculptures, and much more. 

The library partnered with members of the community like local artists, curators from The Harn Museum of Art, and UF's College of Arts to judge all the artwork. It was a "difficult but exciting experience" said one judge. Another judge who is a local artist said, "There is so much talent in these teens, I urge you all to keep going, keep learning, keep exploring, keep experimenting, keep seeking truth and beauty." 

Usually we announce a Crowd Favorite, one that is voted on by those who choose to come see the work in person. This year we couldn't really do that, instead, we turned to the library staff for a Staff Pick. Over 80 library staff participated from all around the county. Some of the comments made by staff include "Thank you for giving us the chance to vote!", "Thanks for making my week so much better.", " The Little Niffler by Jason was cute as could be too! And Divergent, and the Monkeys...", "Thanks so much for sharing these teens' work and allowing us to have a Staff Pick. I really enjoyed getting to experience their talents and artwork.", "You want me to pick one? Too hard!", or my personal favorite "I liked the one where it's a knight holding a dragon egg or a spikey ball or maybe a red reverse pineapple!"

All the artwork can viewed at the bottom of this blog by clicking on the slideshow images. Without further ado the winners are...All winning pieces